Salesforce Commerce Cloud Solutions Architect

OSF is seeking an experienced Solutions Architect to lead development projects across all project life-cycle phases based on the Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform. Solutions Architects create and manage technical solutions, but not teams, typically coordinating with other discipline leaders (UX, Project managers and of course Development).  The Solutions Architect (SA) will also work with clients’ IT and business stakeholders to design solutions for integrating SFCC processes to their back-end systems.  This is a full-time, permanent role based from our Sofia office.  

 What will you be expected to do? 

You’ll be working with clients, developers and other SAs to deliver projects, covering the following tasks:   

➔ Work directly and indirectly with new clients and 3rd party stakeholders to perform technical discovery across areas like ERP integration, middleware, warehousing and such systems that Salesforce Commerce Cloud will communicate with   

➔ Write up robust and clear technical documentation to be used by development teams to create tasks and execute the development   

➔ Be available as a subject matter expert for developers to go to for clarifications on the documentation, questions on the platform and best practice approaches   

➔ Work with existing clients on new requirements for example new sites, international expansion, extra functionality, implementing a new ERP integration and so on in the same way as new clients, just on a smaller scale. 

➔ Perform code reviews and advise and mentor the team on producing high quality software   

➔ Occasionally code certain solutions yourself but as rarely as possible so the development team can always support implementations without your knowledge (relying on robust documentation) 

 Required Experience:

➔ 5+ years’ experience in systems integration/development and package implementation 

➔ 3+ years’ experience integrating and developing solutions using Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s platform  

➔ 1+ year experience working with the SFRA framework 

 What skills will you have? 

➔ Excellent written, verbal, and presentation skills in English  

➔ Concise and clear technical documentation creation 

➔ Development knowledge of Site Genesis and SFRA frameworks 

➔ Logical and thorough work process 

➔ Fantastic organizational skills 

➔ High commercial awareness 

➔ Bags of confidence and initiative 

 What goodies will you get? 

➔ Unlimited opportunity, with the chance to really excel at your role 

➔ Vibrant team who will help and support you 

➔ Inspirational working environment 

➔ Flexible working arrangements - flexi time to work hours to suit you and the opportunity to work from home 

➔ Team building activities 

➔ Getting out as a team, whether it’s for a Christmas party or out for a drink   

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