Senior DevOps Engineer

About the company:

Owned by Private Equity Investor Marcol and based in London, FirstCare help businesses manage and reduce absence, increase productivity and support employee wellbeing. Founded in 2006 and experiencing record growth, FirstCare manage over 1,000,000 unique interactions from employees every year, and their service is used by organisations such as Coca-Cola, the National Health Service and British Airways.


Job description:

In conjunction with TechHuddle and other partners, FirstCare has been rebuilding the base product on which its services are based using latest technologies and concepts including Java 8, Spring/Spring Boot, Spring Data, RESTful API and Modern Javascript Technologies including React/Redux and Typescript.

We are seeking an outgoing, energetic and above all talented individual who can demonstrate prowess in infrastructure engineering and deployment technologies to support the continued deployment of the FirstCare technology platform as the business enters a period of high growth, including international expansion and changes to its core proposition.

This is a genuinely exciting opportunity for the right candidate to grow into a more responsible position in a team as the business enters new markets, adopts new technologies and makes it’s customers’ lives safer and more productive. There’s no legacy here, just forward facing, modern tools, languages, products and concepts which require your expertise to bring to life.

You’ll be accountable for delivering best in class DevOps engineering, best practice and standards whilst part of a team of high calibre technology professionals building a class defining product.


Required skills:

  • Development of (referenceable) highly reliable and high performing build/deployment pipelines – and a mindset to automate as much as possible
  • Continuous integration / Continuous delivery
  • Linux administration, including sophisticated shell scripting
  • Good working knowledge of Java
  • 3 years real-word experience of Docker
  • Working experience of MSSQL on Linux
  • Building to redundancy/scalability and fault tolerance
  • Practical experience of working with modern tools, practices and deployment principles.


Desirable experience:

  • ELK, Terraform
  • Healthcare or other industry where data are classed as ‘sensitive’ and technical decisions reflect this


Personal characteristics:

  • A lifelong learner and born problem-solver who makes the effort to keep themselves up to date with modern developments
  • You’ll genuinely love what you do and will bring a positive and upbeat style to the team
  • You’ll speak and write English well and will understand the importance of clear and timely communications
  • You’ll be comfortable taking tough decisions but will do so in a collegiate manner and with the broad support of the team
  • You’ll ideally have worked in a remote team setup before and will have strategies to ensure that the team feels part of something bigger
  • You’ll have the characteristics of a completer/finisher and an eye for detail

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