DevOps and Cloud Native Development

It has often been said that IT can transform a business and give it a competitive advantage. This has never been more true now thanks to DevOps and Cloud Native Development. Together they have transformed the way software is developed and released. They are the ultimate way to scale development and deliver more in parallel quicker to give your business a competitive advantage. It’s now possible to get ideas to market in hours rather than weeks or months!

We help companies innovate and deliver faster than their competitors by helping them adopt leading DevOps and Cloud Native Development processes and technologies.

These are just some of the DevOps and Cloud Native Development technologies we work with

  • Amazon Web Services

  • Google Cloud Platform

  • Jenkins

  • API Gateway

  • Apigee API Platform

  • Docker

  • Lambda

  • Cloud Functions

  • Kubernetes

  • Aurora Serverless RDBMS

  • Cloud Spanner RDBMS

  • Ansible

  • S3 Storage

  • Cloud Storage

  • Terraform

Why do you need DevOps and Cloud Native Development?

  • You have delivery bottlenecks
  • Adding developers doesn’t result in increased productivity you expect
  • Adding or switching developers resulting in things being broken
  • Bug fixes have to wait until a scheduled release
  • Releasing weekly, monthly, etc., rather than tens or hundreds of times a day
  • On checking in code the application isn’t automatically tested and deployed
  • Multiple people are involved in releasing
  • Software is manually deployed
  • You are using physical servers or virtual machines
  • You are paying for virtual machines whose CPUs are mostly idling
  • Application infrastructure doesn’t automatically scale
  • In event of disaster you cannot reinstall within an hour

If you have any of these problems you need DevOps and Cloud Native Development!

You’re in good company

We have implemented DevOps and Cloud Native Development technologies for companies from around the world ranging in size from start-ups to stock market listed companies across virtually every industry and sector.

“TechHuddle understood our scalability challenges and recommended we use Cloud Native technologies including Lambda, Aurora Serverless and S3.”, Robin, CTO

“We worked with TechHuddle to refactor our application and implement DevOps technologies such as Docker containers to ensure we could rapidly deploy our micro-services.”, Richard, Head Of Engineering

“TechHuddle have put in DevOps processes and Cloud Native Development technologies that mean we can launch ideas tens of times quicker than we use to be able to with less risks and less effort.”, Paul, CTO

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