Why you should choose a career in IT

The world is increasingly being powered via software and it is being used to disrupt more and more industries. IT skills are therefore increasingly in demand.

The industry is a great opportunity for those individuals who are creative. Technology does not only involve coming up with new concepts. It is about determining how to turn those ideas into reality. For this reason, finding a solution is essential and it includes problem-solving.

These are just a small sample of the interesting projects our staff are currently working on:

  • Mobile banking
    • Revolutionising the way you open bank accounts and what they offer
  • Healthcare
    • Building a next generation Digital Wellness platform
  • Ecommerce
    • Pushing the boundaries of omni-channel Ecommerce for leading brands and retailers
  • Mathematics software
    • Building a next generation mobile first user interface for math software
  • Telecoms
    • Cloud-based communication APIs that are re-inventing how developers integrate SMS, Voice, Verification and Chat
  • Foreign Exchange
    • Saving consumers and businesses money on FX transactions

Anyone who enjoys a challenge will enjoy working in IT!

The advantages of choosing a career in IT and working for an international company are:

  • Travel – you may get an opportunity to travel to new and exciting places.
  • Experience different cultures – For example if you work with a London based company you will likely get to work with people from many different countries not just English people.
  • Language skills – you will speak and write in a foreign language (typically English) every day thereby significantly improving your language skills.
  • Variety – Working in IT doesn’t restrict you to a particular sector and it is common for people to work across various industry sectors during their career, i.e. finance, ecommerce, telecoms, etc.
  • Technology – You will typically get to work with the latest technology.
  • Challenge - You will typically work on larger more challenging projects.
  • Higher salaries – Skilled IT professionals tend to earn more on average and foreign companies are typically prepared to pay a little more than local companies.

The IT industry should provide you with a stable and rewarding career and enable you to reach your full potential.