TechHuddle Christmas Party

On December 14, TechHuddle organised a Christmas party for all its employees. After a year of hard work, great accomplishments and conquests on the IT battlefield, we decided to say farewell to the old year in style.

Our team was well-prepared for the party. Our HR department sent them a guide on how to survive an office party. We carefully picked the venue – a hall in the National Palace of Culture, Sofia with a great panorama view.

Although our team had proved during the year that everybody deserved to be rewarded, we decided to award prizes to the most distinguished members. We had six nominees in each category and it was extremely difficult to choose the winners.

Here are the winners:

Nikolay V. is the Joker of 2017. He can pull jokes from his Java library on every occasion.

Nikola F. is our Most Talented Colleague. He is always in his element when he sings karaoke.

The Fastest Man Alive award went to Hristo T. He runs like the wind and practically has no competition. Ivailo B. and his passion for cycling made him our Most Dedicated Cyclist in 2017. Angel P. is our Best Football Player for a second consecutive year in a row.

Every company should have a Lady and a Gentleman of the Year. Nataliya K. with her gorgeous smile was unanimously chosen as the most gracious lady in TechHuddle, and Petar M. won the first place among the gentlemen not only for his good looks but for his perfect manners.

Metodi M. received the well-deserved special price Mr. Always Helpful. Thank you, Methodi, for being our absolute tower of strength.

Though being with us for less than four months, Petko K. became our Rookie of the Year. His winning formula is positive attitude and proactive behavior.

We are surrounded by many positive people, but we had only two Positive Attitude awards and they were won by Dilyana K., who can make your day by just smiling at you, and Nikola P., who always looks on the bright side.

We were surprised that we had enough nominees in our category Most Prone to Accidents. Valentin P. was the absolute freestyle winner.

Our Early Bird race was a close-run event, but Kalin B. won in the end.

Every party should have its Dance Floor King and Queen. Elizabeta P. once again proved that she was the queen of the rhythm, and Martin A. earned the king title with his dance moves. If you want to learn how to dance like a pro, watch them closely next time.

Of course, we have a Party Animal. Just whisper the magic word “party”, and Filip L. immediately gets online. Rositsa T. is our Mrs. Dedication. Always proactive, she inspires us with her creativity.

Surrounded by so many beautiful people, we had a hard time choosing Mr. and Mrs. TechHuddle. After long deliberation, the jury decided that Tonika H. would become this year’s Mrs. TechHudle, and Nikolay P. would be Mr. TechHuddle.

We are very proud of Ivan I. who quit smoking and started running, and presented him with the Mr. Healthy award.

We also announced our Movember winners. The first prize for Best Moustache went to Konstantin B. who deeply moved the audience by donating his award to the Movember Charity Campaign. Burkay C. took the second place. Vladimir S. had grown the Best Beard, and Ivan’s beard was acknowledged as second best.

These were not the only surprises we had prepared for our team. We raffled off gift cards. Three lucky winners can now buy more Christmas presents. Better luck to the others next time!

We spent the rest of the evening dancing around to the sound of music. We did not know that we had such great dancers on our team.

After a night, full of events and emotions, our party heroes, tired but happy, resolved to retire to rest (well after midnight by the way).

Now they are preparing for our next event – our winter team building. Our HR department is quite busy working on a manual giving tips on how to make the most of your team building.