TechHuddle Charity Bike Ride 2017

It has become a TechHuddle tradition to organise two bike rides a year - one in the spring and one in the autumn with the aim to support and raise awareness for good causes. 

In 2015 we rode 500km in total (4 days, 120km per each day) to support our cause “Teaching Bulgarian Orphans English” in cooperation with Helen Doron Early English. The money was donated to SOS Children's Villages for English classes for children aged between 10-18 years. 

This year our Bike Ride was devoted to St. Nicolas Orphanage’s abandoned children who urgently need food, medicine, hygienic products and facilities. So far we have raised over £1700 including cash donations but we hope that more donations will be made before 30th of September 2017, when the campaign will be closed. 

To encourage more people to donate we decided to dedicate our Bike Ride to the cause and to make this 650km adventure happen. 

So, let’s start with the short daily overview below:

Route: Sofia - Pazardzhik
Distance: 116.7km
Our journey started at around 8:00am. Calm and a bit cloudy, the first day seemed to be perfect for our cyclists. Daily distance was approx. 117km, elevation gain - 776m.  We went across Novi Han, Vakarel, Ihtiman and Septemvri until we got to Pazardzhik. In total: 4.5 hours including lunch stop and several tiny stops for refreshment. Very good timing that let us have some time for SPA and relaxing.

Route: Pazardzhik - Kardzhali
Distance: 150km
On the Tuesday, we headed to Kardzhali. We cycled through Plovdiv and Parvomay where we had a lunch stop. Frankly speaking, the second day was tough. We had approx. 150 km daily distance and 1,244m elevation gain. Ask all of the team – they would confirm it was exhausting! The cold hard rain that greeted us in Kardzhali was not welcoming! At least we had outstanding hotel views looking at the beautiful Kardzhali reservoir and tasty dinner at a nearby restaurant situated on the surface of the dam. 

Route: Kardzhali - Starozagorski bani
Distance: 120km
Such a nice region is Starozagorski bani! Beautiful nature, fresh air and the harmony of the small towns and villages! Our daily distance was 120km which was good enough for the middle of the Bike week. No serious damages and harms on day 3, everything went to plan and we arrived at the hotel at around 16pm (some of us).

Route: Starozagorski bani - Hisarya
Distance: 104.1km
The fourth day is always strange - you know that you’re approaching the end but still the end is far away from you. To be more specific - 257.2km away from you. 

Daily distance was approx. 104km and if we don’t count the last 20-30km cycling uphill everything was perfect. Sunny weather, spectacular views and very good timing! It took us around 4 hours to arrive at our hotel in Hisarya including the lunch stop and the regular stops for refreshment, water and energy bars. 

The weather was more appropriate for the beach rather than for cycling, but the team didn’t give up and withstood the heat. Nice work!

Route: Hisarya – Sofia
Distance: 153.1km planned
The truth is that we were totally exhausted on the last day! We left the hotel in Hisarya at 9:30am, grabbed the bikes and went down the street. The route went through small villages, picturesque views near Sredna Gora and beautiful towns like Panagyurishte and Starosel village, known for the abundance of ancient Neolithic and Thracian sites. Some of the team stopped off at the Starosel Winery and took the car back to Sofia ☺

Well done to all of the people who participated and thus show they care about the orphans future.
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