September Bike Ride 2019

TechHuddle's annual bike ride was created a few years ago when Richard and Ivo, the founders of the company, were having dinner in a local restaurant one night. Ivo was reminiscing about how he cycled by himself from Sofia to Burgas in September when he was nineteen years old.

Having not cycled for approximately twenty years and always up for a challenge the two decided to repeat the exercise but only had 6 weeks to get fit, buy bikes, plan the route, book hotels, etc.

Richard and Ivo were far from being at peak physical fitness! They trained over the 6 weeks but never completed more than two thirds of the distance they would do in any one day on the 4-day bike ride from Sofia to Burgas.

The time came and they set off on the ride. Filled with excitement and adrenaline they managed to complete the ride as planned. After completing the ride, they agreed to do a September ride each year. The second year they extended the ride a little and 10 employees joined the adventure and it has continued ever since.

This year Richard, Ivo and the whole team had one of the toughest bike rides ever.


First the team got together early in the morning of 9th of September and after some short preparations we got together and made a group photo. Then we took off for a great start of our 5-day bike ride. Our first stop was after 40 km for a quick coffee at a gas station. We didn’t have time to waste, because we had another 70 km to go.


We stopped for a longer break to have lunch at a nice restaurant near the eightieth kilometre of our ride. We reached Vratsa before 16:00 o clock and that was a win! It was a fantastic first day of our tour with lots of beautiful natural panoramas, perfect weather and a great team spirit. There were a lot of difficult stretches towards the end of the 110 km ride and we gained 1211 m in elevation through the whole distance.


The second day of our ride was even more challenging than the first one, but we finished with a really good pace. We cycled through more than 1500 m elevation gain and the whole route was little less than 140 km. Part of the whole cycling experience were the off-road shortcuts that we took. It was fun!


Here is a photo that Richard took in Belogradchik. That is a stunning view!


We started the third day with a walk to Belogradchik's rocks. It was amazing!


After taking some amazing photos of the stunning mountain views we headed right off to Vidin.


It was just a 73 km ride with a little more that 600 m elevation gain, so we were chill.


Speaking of chill, did you know that the temperature in the Magura cave is between 11 and 12 °C. It is 2500 m long and it was discovered for the first time in 1960. We had a one-hour tour starting from one of the entrances and exiting through the other end. The guide said that scientist have found bones of humans that dates back to 15 000 years B.C. Wow!


On our fourth day we took off to Serbia. Stara Planina is beautiful on both Bulgarian and Serbian territory.


On that day we really started to feel the heat. Lucky enough we made it to Kalna - our destination on time.


Richard, Ivo and the whole team are supper happy to have successfully finished this bike ride. Next year we will do another one!

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