QA Practice Lunch October

On the 3rd of October, we organised an internal QA Practice Lunch for our OnDemand team.

It was part of our traditional QA Practices where we discuss interesting new topics to improve our skills and share some invaluable experience with our colleagues. Everyone has different projects and sharing makes it easier for us to learn from our teammates at TechHuddle.


At this practice we had a discussion about the Scrum and Agile methodologies and how to efficiently use them to improve our productivity and be more successful at what we do.


We had a for and against debate around the conventional "To do, In Progress and Done" - 3 column Scrum board. Each of us explained his point and gave some recent examples from their projects. The conclusion was that it all depends on what kind of team we are in and what is the communicational styles of the people in the team and that communication was the key.


Over 12 participants attended the discussion and we all learned something new from it.

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