Postbank Business Run - June, 2017

More than 150 companies including TechHuddle took part in Postbank Business Run 2017, a corporate relay race for teams of 4 people who have to run 16km in total (4km per person) in order to finish the race. It is a charity run meaning that 30% of the selected taxes will go to a fund dedicated to a special cause chosen by the organizer Begach Running Club. This year the Club decided to support two causes (check them here)

Back to the race now! This year there were around 1000 competitors forming 250 teams and presenting more than 150 companies.

TechHuddle had 2 teams on board, one of which managed to take the 16th place out of 250 teams which is a huge success for us and the other TechHuddle team took the 55th place. Everyone ran 4 laps per 1km, after that passed the relay to his team-mate and he repeated the same as well until all of them ran their part.

Not to forget to mention our colleague Hristo who is our fastest runner winning the 5th place out of 1000 people in the single running.

Besides the fact that we really love participating in sport events and had fun all the time at Postbank Business Run, we are very happy to support charity causes and to contribute to a better life being. So, fingers up for charity running!