PHP Practice: Lumen Frameworks

Here it is, our monthly PHP Practice Lunch! The TechHuddle team gathers together to catch up over food, learn something new from the PHP world and exchange ideas and experience.

Today we discussed Laravel and Lumen PHP frameworks and their functionality.


First we talked about Laravel and its expressive, elegant syntax, used particularly by artisans in the web development world. While it is easy to use for simple developments, it still does require some reading. However, with its seemingly endless possibilities, if you dig deep enough, the complexity increases proportionally and you should invest some time to become a prouser.

We also talked through the Lumen functionality - a micro web framework written by PHP. In contrast with Laravel, Lumen is much more simple and it is usually used for blazing fast APIs. While it is easier to use and it is probably one of the fastest micro-frameworks, you cannot reach the same complexity as Laravel and it is also not compatible with their libraries.

The last topic that emerged was the comparison between Laravel and Symfony - both PHP frameworks. The team shared their experience and while Laravel is more popular, they both have the same performance. However, Symfony provides more modularity since it has more reusable components. Laravel, though has a more sophisticated templating engine- Blade. Overall, the team agreed that it all depends on your case and the problems you are trying to solve. Do you have any opinions on that? Please comment!

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