Legion Run - June, 2017

TechHuddle joined one of the most adventurous sport events in the world - Legion Run, which was held on the first weekend of June at Ognyanovo reservoir near to Sofia. The 5km race was held for the 4th time in Bulgaria and each year it is attracting more and more participants not only from Sofia, but also from the whole country.

Our Legion team was very inspired and motivated to complete the 5km race while having fun and smiles all the way to the end and this can be purely seen by the photos they took during that time.

Our 15 boys and 5 girls played as a dedicated team, helping each other and struggling together with the mud, the obstacles, the dirty water and even with the bugs. One thing is sure about Legion Run and this is: teamwork! Otherwise things are just not happening. Luckily, our team was very supportive, especially the boys who didn’t allow our ladies to get stuck in the mud.

So, what were the new challenges this year?

For the first time in Bulgaria the legioners had to tackle with brand new obstacles such as:

  • Rubicon - here you should get on your back and pull yourself through a narrow trench of water with a fence just centimeters from your face (for sure not recommended for people with claustrophobic or fear drowning). TechHuddle team ladies just “loved it”.
  • Pilum - 6 meter timbers placed over a river, ditch or trench. It’s really very slippery and it’s a test for your balance abilities or swimming abilities if you fall “by accident” :)
  • Tartarus - the situation here is like that: you can’t stop or turn around once you start as Tartarus are dark, tight underground tunnels. Our team shared that was easy task, so we trust them.
  • Titinebellum - 5 meter rope climb and on the top there is a bell you should ring. Some push-ups are not useless before the race as you need to hold the rope tight, otherwise you might fall and hurt.

If we have to describe our participation with one word, honestly, we cannot. It was funny, it was inspiring, it was challenging and a little bit exhausting. A lifetime experience we would not forget and we would repeat next year as well.