Introduction to React and Redux

Our first course Introduction to React and Redux is over. Organised by TechHuddle Academy, it took place from 12 March to 25 April 2018. The course aimed at Intermediate JavaScript developers who wanted to upgrade their skills and master the fundamentals of React.js.

Our instructor William, a senior developer, has been working in web development since 2012. With over 3 years of experience in React & Redux, he builds JavaScript solutions using the latest technologies.

William made an overview of the possible applications of React.js and what problems this library could solve. He guided the participants through the whole process of setting up a modern front-end workflow and introduced tools from the React ecosystem. The attendees learnt how to build different React components and add XML syntax to JavaScript using JSX, how to create routing, what the advantages of props were and how to render them, how to use Redux Dev tools for debugging and profiling, how to use the Redux library for state management and create async Redux actions.

At the end of the course, all the participants were able to build small to medium scale React applications from scratch. Those of them who passed the final exam were awarded a certificate for their accomplishment.

We received an excellent feedback from the attendees. Over 90% of them were extremely satisfied with the results and stated that the course completely met their expectations. All of them would highly recommend this course to other developers.

After the success of our first course on React/Redux, we have decided to re-run it for those who were not able to attend. Find more information and sign up for the course here. Register today because seats are limited.