Easter Charity Campaign 2017

TechHuddle launched an Easter charity campaign for the “Centre of Alliance for children and Youth – Sofia”.

The centre needs money to buy clothes, shoes, toys, etc. for the kids.

In Sofia alone, several hundred children live without permanent shelter or residence. While the exact number of homeless children and youth in the country is difficult to establish, estimations range between 2500 and 5000 children.


TechHuddle staff collected money and toys for the shelter. Our CEO, Richard Yeo, and Managing Director, Ivailo Radev, doubled the money that the staff collected. With them, TechHuddle bought clothes, accessories, games, sweets and toys for the children.

During the visit, we learned more about the kids and their everyday activities. We also drew and played games. We enjoyed our time together and they were extremely happy and thankful for the gifts that they received.