CTO round-table on Machine Learning

TechHuddle is organising a CTO round-table on Machine Learning to be held on 26th November 2015 London.

The CTO round-table will give a rapid introduction to how machine learning (ML) can be leveraged to improve various aspects of your business including:

  • The difference between supervised and unsupervised machine learning
  • An introduction to some of the key algorithms commonly used today
    • typical real-world problems each algorithm can be applied to
    • input data requirements
    • thoughts on processing effort, accuracy and scalability
  • An overview of available ML products and capabilities including
    • Google Prediction API
    • mazon Machine Learning
    • Azure ML
    • Big ML
    • Prediction IO
    • Others

Presenter = Neil Andrassy, CTO, TheFilter

As CTO at The Filter, Neil is responsible for guiding and mentoring their engineering team as they build out a highly scalable big-data platform. With solid foundations in digital entertainment, driven by a combination of home-grown and publicly available machine learning algorithms, The Filter's platform now helps a wide variety of customers worldwide to optimise both entertainment and retail journeys, ensuring that end users are always able to find "the right stuff at the right time". Working with brands such as BT, Walmart, Panasonic, DailyMotion, Maplin and more, the Filter has experience of making machine learning work at scale in real-world business use cases.