CTO meetup – APIs are eating the world

Last night TechHuddle hosted a CTO meetup on APIs are eating the world.

Simon Wood from Holiday Extras gave an amazing presentation.

Introduction to Simon Wood

Consuming APIs

  • The world before APIs
  • How Mobile, Social and Cloud caused a landslide move to APIs
  • The power of APIs for rapid development and deferring complex problems
  • Lean software development powered by APIs
  • APIs as a data highway between businesses

Offering out APIs

  • The world before APIs
  • Why you should offer an API
  • Case studies of increased revenue on the back of APIs
  • Private APIs Vs Public APIs and why Private does not work
  • The right and wrong way to build APIs
  • Security
  • Rate shaping & throttling
  • Reporting
  • Versioning
  • How to evangelise your API

The future is APIs


A big thank you to Simon for giving such a comprehensive and informative presentation on APIs.