CQRS and Event Sourcing - 201703

On the 23rd of March TechHuddle Academy hosted a free lecture on “CQRS and Event Sourcing for beginners”. It was presented by Nikolay and Denis.



Nikolay and Denis showed how to build applications which work like a time machine.

The lecture covered the following:

  • What is CQRS?
  • Why you should separate Read and Write?
  • Does it help to have two models?
  • How complex is it?
  • Is Eventual Consistency something that bad?
  • Why Event Sourcing?
  • What is Event Sourcing?
  • How it is different than what we do?
  • How to stop losing data from our applications?
  • How you can force your application to replay a lot of events?
  • Troubles with Event Sourcing