Charity Treadmill Run

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On 19 and 20 January 2018, the Bulgarian ultramarathoner Krasse Gueorguiev ran on a treadmill for 36 hours to raise money for Children with Onco-hematological Diseases Association. He ran 220 km (137 miles) which is almost the same distance as the race course of the Badwater Ultramarathon, one of the world's toughest foot races, held every year in Californias’ Death Valley. Though he had some health issues, he managed to finish the run.

There was a second treadmill for volunteers willing take part in the charity event.

Ivan from TechHuddle

The event received wide national media coverage. As a result, people from 10 to 70 years of age arrived in Sofia from all over the country to run side by side with Krasse and make donations. Some of them waited for hours to get on the treadmill. Many famous athletes visited the shopping centre, where the event took place, to encourage Krasse.

TechHuddle supported the campaign and reserved spots for two members of our team to run on the second treadmill.

Hristo from TechHuddle

Ivan and Hristo, who are also members of the Begach Running Club, ran for two hours. They were in great shape and kept a good tempo. “It was difficult but when you are determined to succeed, nothing can stop you. What’s more important is that we helped these little heroes. We only ran, but they were the real heroes,” said Krasse Gueorguiev when he stepped off the treadmill. The campaign was extremely successful thanks to the volunteers and donors. Even after its end donations kept coming in.

We are happy we were a part of this incredible charity event!