Businesses failing to reach potential due to shortage of IT talent

London's Tech City growth is being stunted by talent shortage according to research carried out by GFK on behalf of the online publication TechCityInsider.

Key findings

  • 44% of the 141 businesses surveyed saw a lack of skilled workers as the biggest challenge to growing their business
  • 77% of businesses in the survey claimed that a lack of access to skilled workers was restricting their growth
  • 90% said that coders and developers were the hardest roles for which to attract new recruits
  • 42% of Tech City businesses said they were finding it somewhat or very difficult to retain their best employees
  • One of the reasons for the shortage of technically-minded people in the Tech City area is that large organisations such as Google and Amazon are poaching the best people
  • 94% of businesses forced to employ temps, freelancers and interns with the knock on consequences of doing so