Autumn Bike Ride 2018

The bike ride idea started a few years ago when Richard and Ivo, the founders of TechHuddle, were having dinner in a local restaurant one night. Ivo was reminiscing about how he cycled by himself from Sofia to Burgas in early September when he was in his early twenties.

Having not cycled for approximately twenty years and always up for a challenge the two decided to repeat the exercise but only had 6 weeks to get fit, buy bikes, plan the route, book hotels, etc.

Richard and Ivo were far from being at peak physical fitness! They trained over the 6 weeks but never completed more than two thirds of the distance they would do in any one day on the 4-day bike ride from Sofia to Burgas.

The time came and they set off on the ride. Full of excitement and adrenaline they managed to complete the ride as planned. After completing the ride, they agreed to do a September ride each year. The second year they extended the ride a little and 10 employees joined the adventure and it has continued ever since.

TechHuddle Bike Ride, September 2015

TechHuddle organises bike rides twice a year – in spring and in autumn. This September, nine cyclists mounted their bikes and started their 450-kilometer adventure from Sofia to Sunny Beach.

We started from our Sofia office

The bike ride was devoted to our charity supporting St. Nicholas Orphanage in Novi Han, which had been running for a third consecutive year. It all started when Richard was interviewing a candidate for a HR role who had volunteered at orphanages in Bulgaria. She described the conditions at the orphanages in Bulgaria and Richard, a father of four children, decided that the company would raise money for orphanages.

Our team spent four days on the road. The ride went smoothly and without serious mishaps except for setting a new record for flat tyres. The last day, one of our teammates even had 4 punctures in a row. However, thanks to our long cycling experience, we were well equipped and ready for any unexpected situation.

It took us four days to get to Sunny Beach. Here is an overview of our trip:

Day 1 / 3rd Sep

Sofia – Starosel

We left Sofia early in the morning to avoid the traffic jam. The first day was easy. All of us were rested and we covered the distance of 140 kilometres for four-five hours.

We stopped at Starosel Winery for the night to get some rest, taste traditional Bulgarian cuisine and enjoy the spa there.

Day 2 / 4th Sep

Starosel – Kazanlyk

The next day we hit the road again for the 90 kilometres to Kazanlak where the famous Rose Valley is located. Here the road elevation was higher, but we were charged by the spa treatment the previous day.

Day 3 / 5th Sep

Kazanlak – Karnobat

Though our team was showing signs of fatigue, their spirits were as high as the first day. We made it to Karnobat and got a well-deserved rest. Only 80 km were separating us from the finish line.

Day 4 / 6th Sep

Karnobat – Sunny Beach

Though we had muscle cramps and some minor aches, we were even more determined to continue. At noon, we crossed the finish line feeling like superheroes. We enjoyed the last warm days of the autumn relaxing on the beach and swimming in the sea.

The next day, we returned to Sofia. As usual, TechHuddle doubled the donations made to our charity campaign by our co-workers and clients.