QA lunch : Work in dedicated teams

The new year is pacing up and we already had our fortnite lunch with our Quality Assurance specialists. This time it was special as we welcomed in our office our teammates from Ascent in Malta and everyone had a chance to get to know each other. Every two weeks we gather together to discuss project experience and share stories with our colleagues in a knowledge sharing session. The QA shared stories of how the team helps each other when there is a challenging task and how the environment is extremely friendly and productive at the same time. New ideas came out of the session and everyone enjoyed the food.

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We discussed approaches for working in augmented teams and how we can integrate into a client's team more easily. Everyone shared their perspective. Opinions at one end of the spectrum suggested being very proactive as part of the team, to give ideas as much as possible and to call out mistakes when you see them. Opinions at the other end of the spectrum suggested to stay passive, try to blend in the environment and do your best to do things the way the other team members are doing them. The discussion lead to new ideas and everyone enjoyed the lunch.

We like to come together for lunch once or twice a month and share what we've learned in our daily projects. If you would like to propose a topic, feel free to message us on our Facebook page