Introduction to  React & Redux v 2.0

Introduction to React & Redux v 2.0

Following the success of our first course Introduction to React and Redux, and due popular demand we have decided to re-run the course for those that missed it. This course will teach you the fundamentals of React, a JavaScript library that enables developers to declaratively build user interfaces both on the Web and on mobile via React Native. We will focus on using React for web applications as well as on different technologies from the React ecosystem such as Redux, Jest and React Router.

Who is this course for

Intermediate JavaScript developers with practical experience in building web applications/websites using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery and basic understanding of JSON and HTTP. Understanding ES6 JavaScript is recommended.


Attendees who complete the course and pass the final exam will be awarded a TechHuddle Academy Certificate.

Duration of the course

6 weeks, every Monday and Wednesday from 7pm to 9pm

Start date

18 June 2018


3B, Nikolay Haytov Str., Sofia


BGN 390, incl. VAT

Our instructor

William Abboud is a Senior Developer. He has been working in web development since 2012. He specialises in front-end development and builds JavaScript solutions using the latest technologies such as React, Redux, Webpack, ES, etc. He has over 3 years of experience with React.

What you need
  • Windows or Mac laptop
  • NodeJS v9 and above installed
  • Text editor (Sublime Text) or IDE (e.g. Webstorm)
  • You can also use Visual Studio Code or Atom.
Expected results
  • Understanding the React.js library and ability to build small to medium scale React applications
  • Comfortable managing state in React applications with and without the Redux library
  • Understanding routing and how to create routes using React Router v4
  • Basic understanding of build process using Webpack v3
  • Basic understanding of ESLint and its benefits
  • Ability to test single page React applications with Jest
Course schedule

Lesson 1 / Day 1
● React paradigm, theory and brief history ● Introducing the tools we will need to build React apps ● Creating a simple React component

Lesson 2 / Day 2
● Introduction to JSX syntax ● JSX syntax deep dive ● Props deep dive ● Different ways to create component ● PropTypes

Lesson 3 / Day 3
● One-way data flow ● Passing data from child to parent component ● Conditionally rendering elements in JSX ● Loading AJAX data from componentDidMount ● Rendering Data from API

Lesson 4 / Day 4
● State ● Lifecycle methods

Lesson 5 / Day 5
● React Forms ● Refs ● React Dev Tools ● Context API

Lesson 6 / Day 6
● React Performance ● High order Component ● Render props

Lesson 7 / Day 7
● React Router v4

Lesson 8 and 9 / Day 8 and 9
● Introduction to Redux ● Redux architecture ● Redux data flow

Lesson 10 / Day 10
● React and Redux ● Async Redux

Lesson 11 / Day 11
● Testing React with Jest ● Testing Redux

Lesson 12 / Day 12
● Preparation for the exam ● Creating a sample application

Lesson 13 / Day 13
● Exam

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