Introduction to  React & Redux

Introduction to React & Redux v 1.0

TechHuddle Academy organised a React/Redux course from 12 March to 25 April 2018. The course was intended for Intermediate JavaScript developers with practical experience in building web applications using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and jQuery. The participants gave extremely positive feedback to the course content and the instructor: 88% rated the overall organisation and venue from “Very Good” to “Excellent”, 97% rated the content from “Very Good” to “Excellent”. 97% of them stated that the course met their expectations.100% of them would recommend the course to other people.


Everyone who successfully passed the final exam received a certificate for their achievement.

Acquired skills and knowledge
  • How to use the React.js library and build small to medium scale React.js applications
  • How to manage React applications with and without the Redux library
  • What routing is and how to create routes using React Router v4
  • Basic knowledge of build process using Webpack v3
  • Basic knowledge of ESLint and its benefits
  • Ability to test single page React applications with Jest
Course schedule

Day 1. Introduction to the principles of React
What problems can be solved by React and how to set up build process using Webpack. We will build our first React component.

Day 2. JSX syntax, state, one way data flow and props
We will also present lifecycle methods used for hooking into different stages of component rendering. We will introduce the concept of one way data flow and props. We will wrap up with the advantages of propTypes and why every React application can benefit from them.

Day 3. How to create different types of components
We will build different components including pure and higher order components. We will learn how to pass data from child to parent and load JSON data via AJAX.

Day 4. React ecosystem
We will find out what routing is and how we can create routing via React Router. We will make use of the React Dev Tools to debug and will take a closer look into our React app.

Day 5. Testing our React app via Jest
We will also learn how to increase the render performance of our components and how to debug our React applications.

Day 6. Using the Redux library for React’s state management
We will set up Redux to work with React and will introduce the basic concepts of Redux. We will discuss why we might not need Redux. We will continue with an introduction to actions, action creators, reducer, etc.

Day 7. How to create async Redux actions and set up Redux Dev Tools
We will use middleware and thunks for creating async Redux actions and Redux Dev Tools for better debugging and profiling of state. We will learn how to test Redux’s reducers and data flow.

Day 8. Building a React and Redux app from scratch

Day 9. Building a React and Redux app from scratch

Day 10. Exam

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