Python Fundamentals

Python Fundamentals

TechHuddle Academy is organising a course Python Fundamentals starting 20 June 2018. In this course, you will learn core Python concepts and how to write pythonic code. You will practice different techniques for data manipulation, debugging, testing, and much more. We will introduce SQL and Object-relational mapping as well as real world REST API.

Who is this course for

Intermediate or upper basic level developers with practical experience in any language or environment and knowledge of basic programming concepts and algorithms. Basic Linux and Bash understanding and experience are also required.


Attendees who complete the course and pass the final exam will be awarded a TechHuddle Academy Certificate.

Duration of the course

8 weeks, every Wednesday and Thursday from 7pm to 9pm

Start date

20 June 2018


Business Centre ESTE, 28I, Samokov Str., Sofia


BGN 390, incl. VAT

Our instructor

Rostislav is extremely passionate about programming and Python in particular. He has been in the IT industry for more than 15 years. His experience spans over diverse projects, datasets and infrastructures. He has been specializing in Python for the last five years. He has been in many teams and built a lot of production software.

What you need
  • A laptop
  • The latest stable release of your favourite Linux distribution (VM also applies)
Expected results
  • Understand and work with core Python concepts
  • Knowledge of Object-relational mappers and SQL
  • Ability to build functional REST API
  • Ability to test and debug a wide range of Python software
Course schedule

Lesson 1/ Day 1
● Intro to the Python ecosystem ● The most popular Python package manager ● Python program and components ● Python syntax

Lesson 2 / Day 2
● Setting up the tools needed for code writing ● Coding ● Running through the whole process – from text editor to remote repository

Lesson 3 and 4/ Day 3 and 4
● Datatypes ● Basic and advanced techniques for data manipulation

Lesson 5 / Day 5
Python iterators and generators ● Code writing

Lesson 6 / Day 6
● Decorators ● Lambda anonymous functions ● Context managers

Lesson 7 and 8 / Day 7 and 8
Object-oriented programming (OOP) concepts ● Inheritance ● Special class methods

Lesson 9 / Day 9
● Code complexity ● Exception handling

Lesson 10 / Day 10
● Efficiently debugging any code

Lesson 11 / Day 11
● Writing tests ● Test driven development (TDD)

Lesson 12 / Day 12
● Exploring different test levels ● Most popular test frameworks

Lesson 13 and 14 / Day 13 and 14
● SQL and SQL syntax ● Relational database ● Object-relational mapping (ORM) ● Writing models and QuerySets

Lesson 15 / Day 15
● HTTP protocol ● REST architecture ● Flask framework ● Creating a simple API

Lesson 16 / Day 16
● Exploring Django framework ● Recreating the simple API

Lesson 17 / Day 17
● Exam

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